5 Interesting Facts About Colombia

Colombia is one of the places that hold the most well-conserved remains of several antique South American cultures. This is a country that is rich with archaeological and historical places. This is the home of Ciudad Perdida, the 2nd most conserved in Colombia.

This country has a lot to offer. For example, the brilliant Medellin city that has won the City of the Year award is so innovative and there is a lot to see and learn. Apart from that, there is Monserrate that is a beautiful place and offers you a breathtaking glimpse of Bogota from the summit of a mountain.
Colombia is a place full of stunning locations to see. But there so many facts that you don’t know about this great state located in South America. Check out some of them below.

It is home to the late Pablo Escobar

He was a popular Colombian drug lord up to his death. Pablo was a billionaire and his riches helped him to purchase fame and area political office. He is said to have offered to settle Colombia’s $10bn national debt. This was in a move to assist enhance his fame and avoid the crosshairs of justice. He was most feared in Colombia.

Street hardcore porn selling

If you are new to Colombia, you will be surprised to see porn sold on the streets. So, while strolling around, don’t be shocked to be dared with intimate donkey porn. It is normal here. As you wait for the traffic lights, keep in mind someone might come and start selling the porn to you.

It is nicknamed Gateway to South America

Does your country have a nickname? If it doesn’t, Colombia will shock you with its nickname. It is known as the gateway to South America. The reason for this is that it lies in the continent’s Northwestern area that connects South America with North and Central America. Above all, it is the 5th biggest nation in Latin America.

Its capital is Bogota

Did you know that Bogota is the capital of Colombia and among the highest cities around the world? This capital is also the 2nd biggest capital in South America. Apart from that, this city has lots of things to see. It is home to famous museums as well as Museo Botero that displays the art of Fernando Botero.

National Parks

The last interesting fact about Colombia is that it has 58 parks that cover about ten percent of its national territory. These parks are nearly the same number as those of the United States of America. The parks host some of the most jeopardized species in the world – read article on fun places in colombia.


If you thought Colombia is just any country, it is not. It has a lot to offer from museums to national parks. In case porn selling is banned in your country, something is interesting about Colombia that surprise you and it is porn street selling. The natural beauty of Colombia is something that will make you want to stay there.